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Irish Music Magazine, January 2013 issue:


“Passion in abundance!” -Eileen McCabe

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Colm O’Brien offers new fruit of his work

O’Brien sings from the depths of his soul with a memorable rasp in his voice and serious knack for bringing traditional songs to life and using his strong Celtic roots to inspire great songwriting.

The album, Back to Work?, is the second solo album from O’Brien, a man who has Irish music in his heart and in his blood. Liz Noonan, The Irish Echo

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Colm O’Brien mixes old and new with “Back to Work?”

With Back to Work?, former Prodigals singer Colm O’Brien has created a spirited yet essential item that takes you from a history lesson to a pub and back! O’Brien’s voice is a tarnished, gravelly instrument that sounds like he pierced his tonsils. Like Rod Stewart, he uses his God-given raspiness to his advantage. Mike Farraher, Irish Central/Irish Voice.

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From the Celtic Crier…

It’s very rare one comes across an album where they truly enjoy every song. “Back to Work” is definitely a CD where every song will delight you.

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Articles written about Colm O’Brien:


Colm O’Brien zeroes in on economic crisis woes by doing what he loves – making music.

Sean Smith, Boston Irish Reporter. July 2012.

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Interview on 94.9FM, Hudson Valley, NY:

Topless Burrito Bar Show, hosted by Travis Healer